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Elevate Your Brand's Image with R Spencer Johnson Photography

Specializing In:

Architecture & Real Estate

We capture the essence of your architecture, highlighting the key features and bringing your property to life.


From headshots to product images, we create visual content that tells the story of your brand, connecting with your audience and showcasing your unique value proposition.

Fine Art

Our passion for photography extends to fine art, creating beautiful and timeless images that showcase the beauty of the world around us.

Contact Us
Hey! I'm Spencer.

I understand your brand is looking for professional, creative, and effective photography. 

  • Professional: Your brand is beyond the "my friend's kid has a camera" stage and you're ready to invest in quality marketing images.

  • Creative: There are so many tools available these days, but how do you put them all together to get the results you want? I have a creative eye and the technical know-how.

  • Effective: What's the point in paying for photos that don't get a return? I consistently as "why?" as we are taking photos to ensure that the angle, light, style, and final image is going to make you money.

Let's start your project.

With over 14 years of experience in the photography industry, I have the expertise and technical skills to bring your brand to life. I understand the unique challenges of each project and work closely with my clients to ensure that I capture the essence of your vision.

We try to keep it easy.

  • Licensed: All of our work includes licensing for marketing, advertising, and editorial usage in perpetuity. Limited only from resale.

  • Half/Full Day Rates: Our rates are simple and consistent, based on the size of your space and the number of final images needed, we try to keep billing straight-forward and fair.

  • Quick Turn-Around: Ok, this is a little hard to promise, but our systems are in place to create stunning, high-resolution, precisely edited photos without much downtime... because we want to see them out in the world too!

Start Your Project

Ready to get started? Fill out the form or give me a call!

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