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Focusing on the architectural design and elements of buildings & structures.

Focusing on the design and details of elements that enhance the space.

A curated collection of art photography that will fill the blank canvas of your home or office.

R Spencer Johnson


Let's Go.

Need photography?

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Contact R Spencer Johnson

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Meet & Plan

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Produce & Deliver

Are you looking for...

... someone to tell your story?

... or someone to tell you a story?

Story is all around us and we, as humans, crave to connect with story! It might be the story of designing a building or constructing a facility. It might be the person behind the front desk or the craftsmanship of your work.

The story of the people and places around us can elevate our spirits or cut deep into our souls.

Either way, it's worthwhile to recognize the effect images have on us.​

Fine Art Photography

Explore stunning new images from Spencer's collection. There's no better way to bring powerful photography of Memphis and the world into your home or office space. 


Stories connect us. They make us human. They give us feelings. Stories capture our attention; they make us laugh, cry, joyful, and hopeful.

Photographs give us a glimpse into a story. It's a bite-sized piece of a memory, a project, a brand. 

Let us help you tell yours.

Let's get started.

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